Gift Planning & Endowment Fund Program

  • In 2010 the Board of Directors of the Isabell Green Foundation has started our first Gift Planning & Endowment Fund Program. We welcome all our supporters to consider this new sponsorship opportunity.

    The mission of our organization is based on its values of relieving orphans and children left without parents’ care from devil of hunger in the United States and around the world. The founders of our organization and its Board members have strong beliefs that nobody should suffer from lack of access to food and nutrition, especially young generation of children.

    Our vision is our world free of hunger and free of fear of hunger all around the planet.

    Our organization is dedicated to identify regions, areas and communities where children suffer from lack of nutrition and food supplies. In near future our goal is to open an orphanage where children will be raised in a spiritual environment, provided with good nutrition, development, taught to grow fresh vegetables and fruits, and basic knowledge of agriculture.

    Isabell Green Foundation, being an organization that is closely connected to agricultural programs and food supplies in California, is calling everyone, who is not tolerant to this problem, to join our forces and put an end to hunger.

  • Leaving a Vital Gift

    Today we encourage you to leave a vital gift. That gift keeps a person alive. That gift helps a child develop and grow. That gift will be enjoyed by people in need minimum 3 times every day during ages to come. That gift is a vital necessity; it has and will always be needed by everybody. That is a gift of nutrition, a gift of food.

    As one of the first supporters of this Program in 2010/2011 your name will be forever placed as a Founder of Isabell Green Foundation Gift Planning & Endowment Fund. The contributions to this program will serve as a restricted fund, invested, and derived interest will be used for our hunger and poverty fighting programs locally or internationally.

  • Here are the options of our Gift Planning & Endowment Fund Program:

    1. You can give by a bequest. Another words, you can give by your will or trust. You can allocate a specific amount of money or assets, a percentage of those assets, or the residual (what is left over after heirs and other obligations are paid) from your estate. We are accepting appreciated securities and real estate also.

    2. You can make a gift outside of your will, or beneficiary designation.
    - This includes rolled over to our organization IRAs. You can avoid a tax bill when you start taking money out of your IRA.
    - Making the Isabell Green Foundation the beneficiary of your insurance policy.

  • Your Benefits include:
    - Membership at our Legacy Recognition Society;
    - Tickets to special supporters only events;
    - Recognition on publications, brochures, and materials;
    - Listing on web site;
    - Quarterly newsletter.

  • To request participation at our next Gift Planning seminars, please fill out this application:


    Thank you!
    Our Director of Development will contact you within 2 business days.